English teacher: Rajat
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English teacher: Rajat

11900 руб.
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Английский язык
Английский любой
1-3 года
Возраст учеников
Начальные классы (6-12), Средние и старшие классы (12-17), Студенты (17-22), Взрослые (23-60)
Уровень учеников
Начальный, Ниже среднего, Средний, Выше среднего, Продвинутый
Разговорный, Для путешествий, Для работы
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About English teacher

My name is Rajat. I am from Delhi, India. I studied engineering at the university in Delhi. Later I pursued my academics in media, focusing on management. I started my career as a Sales Executive for a printing press working for Oxford, Macmillan, and other big publishing houses. In the initial part of my career, I was required to selectively work in designing presentations and later conducting them to our international clients from across the world. This made me very attuned to the concept of creating and presenting materials to people which they can grasp quickly. Later, I started working for different educational Institutes, training teachers, and conducting seminars for students, across various cities of India.

I came To Russia in the early summer of 2019, and after traveling across for a couple of months I started taking English classes for Russian students. Till now, as of September 2020, I have worked with around 100 students, primarily from the cities of Moscow and Samara. I have indulged in teaching elementary to Advanced level of students here, as well as people prepping for university and migration abroad. I love my current profession and wish to flourish in it with more students. It is safe to say I have managed to customize my lessons to the need of the Russian people and can help them improve their level of knowledge in English, as well as the use of it across the English speaking diaspora.

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